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When the U.S. Marine Corps went shopping for a combat shotgun, they bought a Benelli. That’s because a combat shotgun has to function the first time, every time. The Benelli M4 does it for the U.S. military, and now can be the centerpiece of your own home defense plan.

Benelli engineers developed and patented a unique auto-regulating gas-operated (ARGO) system. Dual stainless steel, self-cleaning pistons located just ahead of the chamber operate directly against the bolt assembly. It’s a simple and dependable system that eliminates the complex linkage, springs and heavy parts that other semi-automatic shotguns have to depend on. The result: Marine-tough reliability under the harshest environmental conditions.

The M4 comes standard with a Picatinny rail for optics, a ghost-ring fully adjustable rear sight and fixed blade front sight; a variety of modular stocks are available as accessories. The M4 is combat proven and U.S. Marine Corps approved — why would you depend on anything less?

Stock: Pistol Grip Synthetic
Capacity: 4+1
Chokes: C
Type of Sights: Ghost Ring
Length: 40 in.
Length of Pull: 14-3/8 in.
Drop at Heel: 2-1/4 in.

Price: 2579.99
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Class Barrel Caliber Condition
Non-Restricted 30" .45-70 Overall Exc
Half Octagon/half round 30 inch Barrel
Twist is 1:18
Weight is 11.1/2 pounds
The scope is Malcolm 3x
It comes in a high Quality heavy duty case
This complete outfit is worth $3,500.oo new, you can purchase it in Used excellent condition for only $2,250.oo

Price: 3500.00
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COLT CANADA MRR 5.56mm Sporting Rifle

The NEW COLT Canada MRR is an improvement on the already notorious and well know C8 Platform. It integrated a battle proven AR design while integrating the newest M-LOK Mounting technology being favored by manufacturers to date. The Mid-Length Gas system means you will have softer felt recoil, allowing for a quicker and more consistent follow up shot.

This technology makes this rifle favorable in todays growing landscape of 3-gun/Multi-gun competition. Having the M-LOK mounting platform means there is less weight for the shooter to carry equating to less fatigue and stress on shooter again giving way to an overall better performance. The Additional of the barrel being ‘free floated’ means the rifle is as accurized and recoil reduced as possible. Standard Magpul MOE Buttstock and Magpul MOE Pistol grip for added Ergonomics and weight relief.

Monolithic rail means your iron sights will stay on target and be as true to the barrel as possible. Thick Chrome lined barrel for increased service life as per Canadian Armed Forces Request.


  • Monolithic top rail for upper receiver. Bottom Magpul M-LOK Modular locking mounting system rails on side and bottom
  • 11.6″ Thick Chrome Lined Barred for added Service life (Request of Canadian Armed Forces)
  • Free Floating Hammer Forged barrel
  • 1:7 Twist Rate
  • Magpul MOE Buttstock
  • Magpul Pistol Grip
  • 1.5LBS Lighter than 1st and 2nd Gen IUR Uppers previously brought into Canada
  • Increased Maneuverability
  • Chambered for use with 5.56mm / .223 Rem cartridges
  • Comes with short 5 Round magazine

Price: 2349.95
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Gun is in Good condition
Circa 1908
Grips are not corrrect

Price: 2499.99

Price: 2499.99
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Gun is in Excellent condition with very low round count
On Consignment

Price: 2499.99
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Product Description

This is a Non-Restricted Firearm. 

Optic and Bipod Not Included •Bull pup configuration.

  • Optimized ergonomic design.
  • 1 x 5/30 Rds. Magazine Included
  • Body built of high strength impact modified polymer.
  • Detachable barrel. •Integrated reflex sight directly attached on to the barrel.
  • Conversion from day optics to night optics is done without the need of re-zeroing.
  • 100% Ambidextrous thus making the use by right or left handed shooters easy.  
  • Has true “OTB” (over-the beach) capability and can be safely fired after being submerged in water and not completely dry.  
  • Designed for Minimum operator and armorer level maintenance, thus reducing maintenance and life cycle costs.
  • Very easy field striping into 2 parts.
  • Equipped with a last round stopper.
  • All the metal parts of the weapon are corrosion resistant.


Price: 2699.95
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Product Description

Finish Blue
Action Semi-Automatic
Caliber 308 Winchester
Barrel Length 22"
Overall Length 44.3"
Trigger Two Stage Military
Capacity 5 + 1
Stock wood
Weight 9.25 lbs

  • FAMILY:M1A Rifle Series
  • MODEL:M1A Standard
  • TYPE:Rifle
  • ACTION:Semi-Auto
  • FINISH:Blue
  • STOCK/FRAME:Wood Stock
  • CAPACITY:5+1
  • # OF MAGS:1
  • MAGAZINE DESC:10 rd.
  • BARREL:22" 
  • RATE-OF-TWIST:1-in-11"
  • SIGHTS:Aperture Sights
  • ADDL INFO:2 Stage Military Trigger, flash suppressor

Price: 2429.95
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